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Monatelier Fashion Studio in Dubai

MONATELIER is Dubai based fashion design studio, developing design clothing collections and accessories for a various worldwide fashion brands and apparel industries, creating a corporate style clothing and clothes for promotion purposes. In our studio you can order the design of an entire season collection, separate capsules or clothing patterns. We offer to perform a fashion design for the exclusive collections, as well as tailoring or serial production. We are pleased to work with both large companies and talented young designers, dreaming to release their first collection.

The process of development and creation of clothes is a complex multi-step process, so the task of MONATELIER studio is to provide the full range of services from drawing sketches to the preparation of the relevant technical documentation. Want to get an absolutely unique prints on your T-shirt or jacket? You are welcome. Also, we will be able to offer you an exclusive evening or wedding dresses. The latest 2016 fashion trends are creating by us. We are working on any types/styles of clothing and fashion accessories.

Actual fashion design doesn't mean a blind worship of fashion, and that we're going to prove by our latest collections. Although, no doubt, our craftsmen and artists tracking fashion trends through WGSN and other observers of the world of fashion, as well as take into account all the wishes of the customers. Thus, 2016 fashion trends or trends of any other seasons, are not an empty phrase for us. Our staff knows all about fashion. However, a personality is always be the priority for us. We create a really urgent items of clothing, skillfully combining the latest trends and exclusive design ideas.

We understand that fashion designer iMonatelier Fashion Studio in Dubaitself need to be, at least partly, a trendsetter, so when you call to us for a design development, you get fresh ideas, conceptual solutions and its embodiment. Our staff will be working on a concept until you will be completely satisfied with its results. We always take into account each customer's remark, working on a design project. We also deals in managed print solutions with our partner company "Printone DMCC"


What are we doing?

  • create a design, taking into account the latest fashion trends;
  • offer a development of the full range of design and technological documentations;
  • sell the best fashion designers' clothes;
  • carry out laboratory testing to paint fabrics, choosing the perfect color for your collection;
  • manufacture of clothing samples, producing test samples, rebuffed by the customer;
  • vassist you in the search for a sewing base;
  • provide consulting services to promote fashion brands at the international markets.

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