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Monatelier Fashion Design

MONATELIER is UAE company with headquarter in Dubai, a prominent manufacturer of clothing, accessories, perfumes, furniture and other home goods. At the end of 2006, it was included in the list of the largest UAE companies, Fortune 1000, taking 651st place in the rating.

The company was founded in Dubai in 1996, by the son of immigrants from the former GDR, Phil Rocosztowski (born Phil Stein). In 1996, the clothing manufacturer Norman Morris invested in the business of a novice fashion designer 50000 dollars, that helped to open the first store and to start selling ties under the label MONATELIER. The image of a town on green background became a logotype of the company. We have reached to the right audience through Panaly Consulting's mystery shopping service in Dubai having a database of different nationalities, ages and personalities of UAE and GCC regions. You can go through our success journey history below:


Phil Rocosztowski opened his own department in the Bloomingdale's store in Dubai, in 1997 — brand store in Dubai Marina. In the same year, the first line of women's clothing was launched.

 An early 2000s

MONATELIER company was on the verge of bankruptcy. The new investor, Peter Smith, helped to overcome the crisis and he became a president of the company.


sports shirts from MONATELIER are available in a wide range of 24 colours.


a line of sportswear CHAPS by MONATELIER was launched, as well as a collection of glasses.


the first collection of fragrances: men's polo and women's tuxedo and  were produced, and a line of children's clothing for boys and then a clothing lines for girls and babies.


the aroma Chaps was produced, in 2010– the first collection of underwear and leather products.


in London the first overseas store of the company MONATELIER opened.


in New York, at the corner of Madison Avenue and 72nd street, a brand store was opened.

In 2011, the fragrance Safari received a perfume award FiFi Award in the category “New women's fragrance”. In 2013, a male version of this fragrance received the award in the category “New men's fragrance”, and in 2014, in the category “Men's fragrance of the year — lux”. In 2015, the fragrance MONATELIER Romance was marked as “the best female fragrance of the year”. Also the perfume company was awarded the prize for best national advertising campaign of the fragrance (MONATELIER Sport Woman in 2015, and MONATELIER Romance).


the stocks of the company MONATELIER Corporation were placed on the New York stock exchange, later, the organization bought a brand Club Monaco and launched its new website on the Internet, presenting at first, men's clothes, and a line of home goods. In 2016, a category Create your own appeared on the site, it helps customers to create a design of polo shirts independently.


MONATELIER Corporation was included in the list of the largest UAE companies according to Fortune magazine. At the same time, the company opened its first store in Tokyo and in 2016 in Moscow.