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5 ways to choose the best eye specialist

Regular ophthalmologist appointments from an early age are the best way to prevent the risk of eye damage and loss of vision. A good eye doctor will guide you through how you can take care of your eyes in the best possible way. If you are confused about what to look for in a good eye doctor, here are 5 ways to choose one


Weddings and Role of Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards are essential part of any wedding because they actually symbolize the tone of what guest should be expecting from the wedding. And what the bride and groom actually expect from the guests

Best fashion designers of UAE

UAE is home to many accomplished and skilled designers who have carved a niche in their field. They are not only famous on their home ground but also quite a rage globally, all the way till Hollywood. They are trying to break through the misconceptions people have about Middle East and the conventionalist image the world carries.

How to hire a professional?

Looking for an expert photographer for the most important day in your life or your loved ones? Don’t hassle into things and don’t risk it by hiring a beginner a professional. You need to ask certain questions and see the portfolio of the expert before hiring him/her. After all these memories are going to be saved for lifetime.

Why choose Lootah Perfumes?

The best perfume you can get in Dubai is Lootah Perfumes. Its fragrance and scent are on another level. It’s made from highly essential fragrance oil and ingredients which last for so long.

Arab models who redefine fashion

Arab models are establishing benchmarks with their unique and distinctive look and attire that has redefined the trends of fashion and modeling industry.

3 Things You Should Know Before Hiring Photographer

Couples are unaware of the specificities they should look for before hiring a wedding photographer in Dubai. However, Violet Studio showcases the in-depth details you need to acquire before making the decision to your photographer. This ranges from the costs, the trust of the photographer and finally the style of their work.