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3 Amazing Tips For Your Event Lights

Pixel mappingThe light and sound at any of your events can make a big difference to how much fun your guests have.

A good combination of both of these can make for the perfect dance floor, deliver amazing levels of entertainment, and make sure your event is not boring for even a second.

The use of high quality sound and lights is increasing in events, because of their versatile use, and high level of flexibility.

Speakers can be placed all over the room, and lights can be used to create a variety of amazing special effects.

Both of these elements also come together perfectly in the videography, which obviously plays a very important role in making the event memorable for years to come.

Keeping these things in mind, this article contains some amazing handy tips about lighting for events in Dubai by AhlamEvents. With the technology and equipment today, there is no limit to how amazing the lighting at your event can become.

Pixel Mapping Images And Video

You can use pixel mapping lights and techniques to make amazing images and video at your event.

Basically what happens is, many LED fixtures are placed all over the room, and when they output light, images or broken images created through video source material can be produced.

This allows for mapping to be used for many different applications, and is an amazing use of equipment for large-scale events.

LED Filled Tubes

LED rainbowsThese are pieces of fixtures, which are commonly referred to as Happy Tube.

Just like the bendy bands worn at concerts and similar events, they have many LEDs in them, and can be used in many lengths for a number of applications.

You can wear them, pile them up, attach them to a screen, and even hang many of them across a wire or platform to make an amazing colorful effect.

LED Rainbows

The best thing about LED is that it produces a higher quality of light by taking in far less energy compared to regular lighting.

This means you don’t feel as much heat as you do with those big lights, they are cheap, and also use less electricity.

You can create a number of colors by using LED chips, which can make your desired shade instantly.

Moving heads can also be used on the lens of the light to play with the color and move it around. The best application of this is on the dance floor for light from the top.