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A Handy Guide for Yachting Rookies

A yacht tour in Dubai is one of the best ways to admire the Arabian wonder. With several professional yacht charter companies calling the Emirate their home, it can be challenging to choose one and then plan the tour based on your interests. If you are preparing to go on your first luxury yacht cruise, then our carefully compiled list of tips will help you plan for the tour more effectively. You wouldn’t want a once in a lifetime experience to be spoilt by doing something wrong. Here is a handy guide to help you prepare before your yacht rental with Sevenyachts.

A Yacht Tour in Dubai

Dress Code?

Shoes are not allowed on most yachts to ensure that the yacht remains in pristine condition. You will have to stay barefooted on board. Also, it is better to go onboard with casual attire as you’ll feel more comfortable. In short – dress as lightly and casually as possible.

Are Children Allowed Onboard?

Yes, kids are allowed onboard, and those of them who are under the age of nine should wear a life jacket at all times. Secondly, be sure to keep your kids near you at all times.

The Onboard Crew

On most luxury yacht tours, you’ll be accompanied by a professionally trained crew to cater to your needs. However, if you would want some privacy, you can let them know that you want them to be discreet. Also, it’ll be better to tip them after the tour has ended rather than doing so separately.

Sea Sickness

Sea Sickness

First-time sailors all face the trouble of seasickness. However, nowadays, most yachts come with a stabilizer, which makes the experience all the more comfortable. Secondly, being surrounded by water has its own set of dangers so you should follow and adhere to all the safety procedures. Let the crew know about any allergies or medical conditions that you may have.

Additional Expenses

The charter price is usually for the rental fee of the yacht, fuel, and port charges. Other expenses like food, beverages, and decorations are on top of it. Before hiring a charter company, discuss in detail with them about your requirements. Try to work out an all-inclusive package so that you don’t need to worry about such trivial matters while on tour.