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A Rookie’s Guide to Dune Buggy Safari in Dubai

It is an amazing experience to ride a dune buggy at high speed. You will forget all the stressful things in your life and enjoy a thrilling journey with beautiful landscapes. The sand dunes of Dubai are breathtaking, but you must know certain specifications before hopping in the buggy. The first thing is to find the best buggy rental Dubai has to offer. Then you will need a guide to navigate around the vast land of the desert. You may also need to go through training sessions in order to drive buggy. We have created a complete guide for beginners who want to go on a buggy tour in Dubai.

Buggy Rental Dubai

How to Find a Perfect Outfit

Many people don’t even think about their outfits when they go on an adventurous trip. However, wearing the wrong clothes can make you feel irritated and ruin your tour. The city of Dubai has hot weather so you must find perfect clothing before your expedition. If it is summer and you are going on a buggy tour, wear comfortable loose clothes with long sleeves so you don't have to fight with the sand particles. This dress will also protect you from damaging sun rays. Make sure your service provider is offering protective gear such as helmet, gloves, knee pads and other equipment.

How to Select a Tour

There are several options when you look for a buggy tour in Dubai. You can select a tour for one hour or spend the whole evening in the desert. The choice is completely yours. Make sure to keep your budget in mind while selecting a package. If you choose a longer tour, try to get a deal in which you can experience various activities such as camel riding, dune bashing, and quad racing. Shorter tour for thirty minutes or one hour is suitable for those who have some physical issues.

How to Drive

How to Drive

It is quite different to drive a heavy vehicle on a flat surface and ride on uneven sandbanks. Your buggy will offer high resistance while going through the sand. You must keep the momentum right and hit speed while crossing steep slopes. It is also necessary to keep your hands near break to save your vehicle from tilting. The sand will make your buggy slower if you decrease the speed so you don't have to brake hard. If your wheels spin in the sand, don't increase the speed as you may stick your buggy. If you want to go uphill, lower the speed, go a little back and then hit the speed to smash the dune.