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A Short to Guide Dubai Marina & How to Commute to the Location​

The Dubai Marina is one of those districts in Dubai where you get to enjoy the sun in some of the most beautiful Dubai beaches. This area is only half an hour’s drive from Dubai International Airport. It is also close to several famous Dubai establishments like the Mall of the Emirates, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Mall. For the family fun day enthusiasts, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is just a few minutes’ drives from the Marina. And if you are on that road trip vibe, you can drive to Abu Dhabi.

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You Need to Visit the Various Restaurants and Entertainment Joints in this Area

If you re the kind who want to try out new restaurants here and there, the Dubai Marina is the ideal location for you. It would take you over a month of dining out at different restaurants every day for you to explore all the restaurants. The restaurants are diverse. You will find Asian restaurants, Lebanese restaurants, USA restaurants, and several others. There are also restaurants that serve local Arab dishes. There are also several entertainment joints in the area. A sample is the Zero Gravity which is close to the Azure Beach Club.

You can also Engage in other Fun excursions Within the City

Who said you need to go out of the city for an adventure? You can go on a zip line tour of the Marina. There are companies offering zip lining tours in the town for a panoramic view of Dubai. You can also go on a shopping expedition in the Dubai Marina Mall which hosts several fashions and accessory stores. And when you are done shopping, you can catch a movie in one of the cinemas found in the city. You can also hire a jet ski and hit the water.

Marina Rent a Car Dubai

For an all-around Marina Experience, you need to Rent a Car

If you genuinely want to have a good time in the marina, you will need to rent a car. A Marina rent a car arrangement will work well in ensuring you are not late, or you do not miss out on any activity. For example, for the zip lining tour, you have to be there on time. And the only way you can be sure of that is with a rental. In case there is an issue with the car, all you need to do is call the rental company. They will send you a vehicle to use as your current one undergoes maintenance. That is not a luxury you can enjoy when using public transport.