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Best fashion designers of UAE

UAE has always been famous for its architecture and state-of-the-art infrastructural development but is also home to some of the best fashion designers who are taking fashion to new height. The fashion scene of Dubai is trending the circuit and grabbing eyeballs. The advent of online shopping has also helped the fashion world and helped designers connect better with the world at large. Fashion sites likes Anir Fashions have on-board some of the ace designers who are a rage even in Hollywood. So, UAE is no longer the land of marvelous buildings but also home to many crème de la crème designers who have put UAE on the world map.

Bouguessa home in Dubai

  1. Nathalie Trad

A Dubai-based designer who worked under the prestigious designer, Pronza Schouler and went on to launch her own label. She believes the unlearning and relearning whatever is in her surrounding environment. She loves to experiment and innovate instead of the sticking to the tried and tested traditional methods. Known for her use of exotic seashells, she loves to play with different colors and textures. A designer, who is dear to many celebrities, who like to flash her brand and sport her famous clutch. Her collection is fancied by the A-listers of the fashion circuit and her rise to fame is one of the most famous success stories of all times.

  1. Bouguessa

She broke the stereotypes and defied the norms. The world has many misconceptions about UAE, but she didn’t let the traditions limit her. On the contrary, she blended the two and came up with revolutionary and innovative designs that she broke the glass ceiling and went on to become a favorite with the who’s who of Hollywood with the likes of Beyoncé Knowles and many more. Her USP is her flawless fitting and exquisite fabrics.

  1. Bill Arabi

What do Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have in common? Well, they are both Bill Arabi fans. A designer, an artist and a photographer, she is all about redefining how the modern Arab is, correcting all misnomers people have about the Arabic Culture. She has a resplendent jewelry line with Arabic letters meant to be worn as rings and earrings that are not only for adorning but also make a statement. Her work is contemporary and unconventional.

All things mochi

  1. Reemami

A young designer and a core feminist at heart, her style blends fashion with feminism and makes a strong statement. Her work reflects women power yet is fun and vibrant. No less than a piece of art, her work is beautiful, compelling and meaningful. She is fast gaining popularity on the fashion circuit especially with the younger generation who feel strongly on social issues like women equality.

  1. All Things Mochi

This brand needs no introduction. Ayah Tabari’s fashion statement is a melting pot that brings together the flavor of wherever she travels. Her work is timeless and never goes out of fashion in this world where styles come and go. Her brand is unique and one of a kind and incorporates the work of artisans across the world. She’s famous for her vibrant prints and quirky embroideries.

Source: www.anir.com