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Qualities to Look for In a Japanese Restaurant

Japanese cuisine is known for its focus on bringing out more and more flavors and textures in the simplest of ingredients. A Japanese restaurant should provide all those things and more. So here’s what you need to know if you want to pick the best Japanese restaurant to order sushi Dubai from.


A good Japanese restaurant is a mixture of good food, presentation and comfort. Dining out isn’t just about food, it is an overall dining experience. The customer should feel comfortable and treated with ultimate hospitality. When it comes to Japanese culture, a lot of focus is given to comfort as well as flavors. The seating arrangements, for instance, are different than the other restaurants and diners. The interior and decor should be pleasing and refreshing.

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A Sensory Experience

While Japanese food definitely treats your taste buds, it shouldn’t ignore your other senses. Good Japanese restaurants more often than not provide you with a great dining experience. They indulge all of your senses. The presentation should be pleasing to the eye, there should be a rich aroma in the air, the taste should be impeccable and the lighting in the dining area should be subtle and match the mood of the cuisine and the culture. 

Vegetarian Sushi

Vegetarian cuisines and alternatives are gaining a wide popularity and the Japanese cuisine is a welcome component in all this. Japanese food like sushi can easily suit vegetarians’ guests because the meat or fish can be easily replaced by a vegetable without the essence of the dish getting lost in translation. Other than that, there are some vegetarian dishes in Japanese cuisine.

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Sustainable Dining

Along with vegetarianism, the focus on sustainable dining has also increased considerably in recent years. Sustainable dining is also a way to recognize a great restaurant from the good ones. A way the Japanese restaurants exhibit their sustainability is by keeping more sustainable items in the menu or by opting for a more sustainable delivery option. This will only help improve the world we live in and put a good image of the restaurant in the customer’s mind.

These were some of the factors that make a Japanese restaurant stand out from others in the list. Ucci Sushi is one of them and you should definitely visit it for an authentic Japanese experience.