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Taking Care Of Your Clothes

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Most people would agree that taking the best possible care of your clothing items seems like too big and tedious a task.

Of course, many do not realize how important and valuable proper clothing maintenance can be, especially when the outfits you have been spending on lately, are expensive items.

Why Clothing Care Is Important

One of the foremost reasons to take good care of your clothes is the maximization of value. Good care will make them last several months beyond their average lifespan, and you will not need to buy new clothes more often.

The second has to do with special items. Think of your leather jackets, and the expensive or limited edition clothing items.

Once you spoil them, you cannot go back. You either lose the chance to get your hands on those outfits again, or realize that they are not far beyond your financial reach.

The Right Way To Look After Your Clothes

To help prevent your losses, and conserve your time and energy from being wasted at shopping trips, our guide tell you about things you should absolutely avoid when shopping or looking after your clothing.

While some of these tips are meant for special clothing items, there are some that even uniform manufacturers in Dubai – Design Tex would recommend their buyers implement on their clothing sets.

Avoid Outfits That Will Need A Tailor

Tailors can easily make changes to shirts that are say, two numerical sizes bigger than yours, but many other dimension changes are either very difficult, or too expensive.

This means at the very least, if you can’t absolutely buy the best possible size for you, make sure you don’t purchase something that is too big on the armhole, or imperfect on the upper thigh area.

Special And Decorated Items

Many women’s clothes, special uniforms, and fancy dresses are going to have detailing and decoration that can easily be harmed and spoilt, when you wash them the wrong way, or expose them to hot water and steam.

When you buy these outfits, make sure to always ask the seller to give you instructions on how to wash and take care of those clothes.

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In most cases, they will do just fine with a soak in lukewarm water and some mild soap, but not anything harsher than that.

Dry Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, all clothes are not meant to be dry-cleaned. Some delicate outfits can easily be harmed when they are exposed to all those harsh chemicals.

People also often do not realize that most dry cleaners use bleach, which affects the quality and softness of the clothes.

Storage And Hanging

The only clothing items that require being hung on the hanger are suit jackets and dress shirts, at least in the case of men.

For many other items, including pants, tees, and even most dresses; you can simply fold and store them.

Source: www.designtex.ae