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The Perfect Wedding photographer

Before you begin to decide on the right wedding photographer for your special day. There are some things to consider before making that final decision.  Exploring the photographers passed wedding shoots, experience and style. This will help you to discover if their style fits in with what you require.

Whether you are looking for a general photographer or a portrait photographer in Dubai, She is an expert in many photography services in the UAE.

With an experienced photojournalistic photographer the picture will seem more natural, capturing those special moments exactly how they happened. Telling a truly beautiful story.

If your more of a traditional individual and prefer classical portraits, a little bit like your parents wedding album. Choose a more traditional photographer who is an expert in portraiture. This sort of photography tends to be posed shots in front of a chosen coloured back drop, not the type of picture many really want for their wedding day. That’s not to rule out the creativity that could be involved in this type of photography. Some photographers may take a more serious look at this, whereas others may be a little funky and dramatic with their style. 

MONATELIER - Wedding Photographer in Dubai

Start your research by browsing loads of local listings and looking for reviews from recent brides. Scan the web for potential photographers, visiting numerous website and blogs. Check out their style and past shoots to really get an idea of the work they produce. It’s also important to check out their social media sites too.

Meet your potential wedding photographer in person. If you like what there about and there past work and of course there available on your wedding day. Set up meeting with your favourites and go from there. You must be detailed about what you want throughout the day, and monitor if they can meet your requirements.

MONATELIER - Portrait Photographer Dubai in UAE

Make sure you see a couple of wedding albums, photographers only show you the best of their portfolio. Request a couple of albums and dig deep into their experience.

Don’t forget it’s really important to bond with your photographer and actually like him, remember he is going to be presence at your wedding all day.

He will be your shadow throughout the day, so it’s important to feel comfortable around him. Your photos will turn out far better.