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In recent times modern men often express a desire to keep up with fashion. Which men's shirts will be in fashion in 2016 and how to wear them?

Here the Monatelier's fashion shirt reviewer

The priority will be a style of an elegant man in a white-snow shirt with long sleeves

This part of a man's wardrobe emphasizes well-groomed and discreet gentility of the man.

By the way, in this season designers offer to wear white-snow shirts not only with jackets. There are a lot of variants: just with pants in summer, with pants and a tie (the tie is fashionable to tuck in pants, especially in pants with a wide cloth belt). With the jacket, with the jacket and the tie, with a trench coat or a coat, with sports jackets and knitted sweaters, again with the tie or without, or with a long scarf instead of the tie.

It will be perfect to wear the white tie with the white t-shirt

An extremely fashionable item of the men's shirts 2016 is a stand-up collar. It can hook on a button or its ends cannot reach each other by 2-3 cm.

A favorites is an oblique clasp, it is not so much a traditional Russian shirt with the stand collar but the shirt with the turndown collar. In this case the shirt is worn without the tie, and slash cut is accented with the help of a delicate edging (if you desire with a contrasting colour).

Shirtfront is another very urgent detail of the men's shirts. They can be any shape and size: rounded, rectangular, to the belt or to end above the waist, the most popular decoration of the shirtfronts are tucks or jotted small folds.


A highlight of the image – instead of the tie you can wear a pendant on a chain or attach to the shirt a brooch with a single, not very large frosted stone.

Collars and Clasps

The new of the season is transparent shirts, including fabrics with bright, exotic prints, or typically female such as hearts (this pattern is very fashionable today).

The designers experiment with the clasps. In this season, traditional clasps-straps with buttons can be changed into a hidden clasp or a casting detachable zipper.

Romantic shirts with a collar-tie for casual. For the casual among young people definitely will be popular well as very long shirts and fitted shirts-jackets with details in military style. For the casual style among young people will be popular very long shirts and fitted shirts-jackets with details in military style.

Colours: besides white, they are black, grey, purple, purple-pink, smoky pink, red-brown, bluish-green, cobalt.

And finally, fashion tips: the men's shirt is the basis of creation of a certain image, that is why you should pay attention to this. To the white shirt, you must carefully choose the pants and shoes, especially for office version.

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